Our Mission​​

Women Tech eXchange works to provide a platform for women technology leaders to share their wisdom in inspiring the next generation of women in technology.

Our Founder​​

Malavika Vivek

Malavika Vivek, is the founder and president of WTX and attends the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies. She loves computer science and believes that showcasing women leaders and role models in tech is the key to closing the gender gap in technology. She is a member of her school's Future Business Leaders of America Chapter as well as President of Computer Science Club. Outside of school she loves to sing and participate in honor choirs. She intends to pursue Computer Science in college.


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What We Do

According to themuse.com, 56% of individuals holding professional jobs in the U.S. are women, yet only 25% of IT jobs are held by women and only 5% of tech start-ups are owned by women. Among all students holding B.S. degrees in Computer Science, only 28% are women. We intend to bridge this gender gap in technology professions, by inspiring young women to make a mark in the technology world. Women are CEOs and managers in companies, and by introducing students to these women first-hand, we hope to change the existing statistics.

As Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, once said, "Someone's got to break the glass ceiling, and once it's broken, everybody else comes clamoring up behind." We are confident that the WTX conferences can break this glass ceiling. We hope to initiate a technology dialogue among young women, one strong enough to alter statistics and shatter the glass ceiling.

In schools, we are often told of the "real world," but we generally don't understand the meaning of this phrase. These conferences offer students the opportunity to truly understand the dynamic of the workplace, beyond just what their teachers may tell them. Thus, not only do we hope to encourage young women, we also hope to expose students to the "real world," in an effort to better prepare them for the future.


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