Who We Are​​

WTX was started at the Middlesex Country Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies in Edison, NJ. At the Academy, during freshman year, students are required to select either electrical/computer engineering or civil/mechanical engineering as their major. In school, we consistently observe a general lack of confidence among girls when it comes to engineering. was started with the goal of inspiring girls through engaging conversations with successful women technology leaders.

What We Do

Conferences are informal, student – moderated conferences, in which we aim to ask questions relevant to today's generation. Students in the audience are then encouraged to actively participate in the discussion through their own questions and comments. We cover a variety of topics including computer science, business, management, and other topics of interest to our peers.

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Why Us​​

The conferences showcase successful women from the technology industry. We want to move away from the stereotype that technology fields are predominantly for men, by exposing all students, men and women, to as many women role models as possible during their high school years. We want to make sure that young women don't shy away from choosing technology as a career. The Women Tech Xchange conferences aim to instill confidence in women and expose them to the many career opportunities that exist. We believe that we can inspire the next generation of women by providing a platform through which successful women in technology can share their wisdom. We facilitate the development of an inclusive tech culture for women, one that may influence their future career choices.


Latest Conferences​​

On December 3, 2015

Kick-Off WTX Event with Susan Haindl

At the first Women Tech Xchange conference, we welcomed Susan Haindl, president of service and a delivery at Anexinet, to come speak to us. We discussed what it is like to work in a tech company and what her role specifically was in her company.As the interview progressed, our speaker delved into topics relating to the gender gap in these companies and what it is like to compete in the industry as a woman. By Susan Haindl

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On January 22, 2016

Second WTX Event with Cecilia Jankowski

Cecilia Jankowski joined us at our second Women Tech eXchange conference. She is the Managing Director of Member and Geographic Activities at IEEE. Cecilia Jankowski told us not only about her current position, but also of her goals and ambitions in high school. We discussed opportunities offered in college, and even more importantly, how to make the most of them. By Cecilia Jankowski

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